Teaching Chants

Chanting is arguably one of the most exciting activities in the young learners’ classroom. as it ignites creative and musical aspects of language. This post will show the instruction of chanting, including lesson stages, body movements, vocabulary and grammar chants.


What’s this?

  • What’s this? a cat a cat a cat meow meow
  • What’s this? a dog a dog a dog woof woof

The clip shows how the lesson should be SEQUENCED:

  • Teacher’s Modelling
  • Students’ pointing to text when CD playing
  • Whole class chanting
  • Flashcard repetition


What’s the weather?

  • What’s the weather?
  • What’s the weather?
  • What’s the weather like today?
  • Tell us Jonny?
  • What’s the weather?
  • What’s the weather?
  • What’s the weather like today?
  • Is it sunny
  • Is it cloudy
  • Is it rainy out today?
  • Is it snowy
  • Is it windy?
  • What’s the weather like today?

The clip shows how teacher MODELS the MOVEMENTS in the chant.


Vocabulary Chant

Check the clip from 4:30 to learn how to help learners chant vocabulary. Accordingly, there are 3 steps:

  • Pick a topic
  • Write down 10 words
  • Separate word by syllables

And an example of pattern 2-3-1 is given:

  • Ruler (2 syllables)
  • Eraser (3 syllables)
  • Chair (1 syllable)


To teach present continuous (What are you doing?), teachers might check these two clips:

What are you doing? Sing – Singing – I’m Singing a Song

What is he doing? He is jumping.

The second clip shows a group of 3 asking, answering and demonstrating actions that follow.