Using Padlet to engage students in latest news discussions

PROBLEM: many English majors don’t follow top stories in English.
SUGGESTION: Using Padlet to engage students in latest news discussions. (See our class wall here:
1. Upload an interesting photo news story to Padlet. Have students guess the story behind the photo (Who, What, When, Where, Why) (My photo: sock diplomacy)
2. Share the Padlet wall with learners. Have them create a post, including a photo, a headline, and the source.
3. Set “Choose/Pair/Share”. Students choose three photos from the Padlet shared wall, using the IAI – IAM – IDC framework
IAI: I Am Inspired: Talk about a photo on the wall that inspires you.
IAM: I Am Amused: Talk about a photo that makes you laugh.
IDC: I Don’t Care: Talk about a photo that you’re not interested in.
After that they’ll pair up and share their selections. Volunteers then report back.
REFLECTION: the activity works in my classroom, except the volunteering stage 🙂
Thank you

My photo: sock diplomacy
Students’ shared wall

TEDx @NguyenKiem

Looks like a normal presentation activity in a normal speaking course.

However, the talks were truly thought-provoking, amusing, and entertaining, which focused primarily on sharing narratives that are worth sharing.

It’s a humbling experience to host these amazing classroom-based, TED-styled speakers. The topics vary, ranging from overcoming setbacks to defining patriotism. They’ve made the the audience think, laugh, and cry!

To read their verbatim (“Ideas worth Spreading”, click on the image.