My latest presentation on used worksheets (CamTESOL 2016 February, 2016) can be watched here:

  1. The 12th annual CamTESOL Conference (Phnom Penh, Cambodia, February 2015)

Title: One more time: creative activities with used worksheets

Summary: The workshop presents different activities that teachers can use in the classroom to recycle old worksheets and motivate young learners.

2. The 49th Annual IATEFL Conference (Manchester, England, April 2015)

Title: Beyond Language Skills: Inspiring projects in Secondary Teaching.

Summary: This talk illuminates how project-based learning can engage teenagers by analyzing three successful class-based projects – using PowerPoint in drama performances, TED videos in public speaking and Movie Maker to promote a film festival on education. It aims to equip those who have just a limited command of digital literacy with tools to make a big difference in motivating teens.

3. Pre-conference activities of the Research Special Interest Group (Manchester, England, April 2015)

Title: What dilemmas I’ve faced as a researcher (poster presentation)

4. The 11th annual CamTESOL conference (Phnom Penh, Cambodia, February 2015)

Title: Highlighting and visual codes as written corrective feedback to mark teenage learners’ essays.

Summary: This talk demonstrates how a new approach to written corrective feedback by using highlighting and visual codes to indicate learners’ essay mistakes can greatly make the process of essay marking less intimidating and more engaging for both learners and teachers.

5. TESOL Talks 3 (ACET Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, January 2015)

Title: Motivating IELTS Learners with Mobile-based activities

Summary: it presents different ways of how teachers can integrate effective and meaningful mobile-based activities in their teaching context. The speaker will also demonstrate his own successful mobile learning experiences teaching IELTS classes through several popular apps for smartphones, tablets and laptops. They include QR Code Reader (treasure-hunt activities), Quizlet (vocabulary input and flashcard practice), Socrative (immediate formative assessment) and VoiceThread (productions of digital artefacts).