After all the team collaborations, the feedback you received is an infant number:

I’ve done 98% of the work. Yours? 2%. Don’t you agree?

What else could I say? I have to acknowledge that mine is minor, but well, 2% is indeed a shocking figure as that indicates how much your colleague has valued your presence.

Next time, don’t include me in the process. I’ll be happier to receive a 0%, to crawl solo.



Using Padlet to engage students in latest news discussions

PROBLEM: many English majors don’t follow top stories in English.
SUGGESTION: Using Padlet to engage students in latest news discussions. (See our class wall here: https://padlet.com/tienmaielt/rzytk3t9mt50)
1. Upload an interesting photo news story to Padlet. Have students guess the story behind the photo (Who, What, When, Where, Why) (My photo: sock diplomacy)
2. Share the Padlet wall with learners. Have them create a post, including a photo, a headline, and the source.
3. Set “Choose/Pair/Share”. Students choose three photos from the Padlet shared wall, using the IAI – IAM – IDC framework
IAI: I Am Inspired: Talk about a photo on the wall that inspires you.
IAM: I Am Amused: Talk about a photo that makes you laugh.
IDC: I Don’t Care: Talk about a photo that you’re not interested in.
After that they’ll pair up and share their selections. Volunteers then report back.
REFLECTION: the activity works in my classroom, except the volunteering stage 🙂
Thank you

My photo: sock diplomacy
Students’ shared wall