World-class teaching – a work in progress.

I’ve made myself crystal clear  that whoever be in my class has the right to world-class learning. I mean they will receive the most enjoyable, innovative, practical experience learning English. The first-rate educational systems do not certify Vietnam’s qualitication, but I’m trying to internationally certify my own class. I’m trying to be an inspiring teacher.

Class is expected to start at 6:00 PM. This is what it exactly looks like at 5:57 PM today.


23 minutes later. 6:20 PM


I was planning to have an early rest when she came, at 6:30


Thank you for the heart-warming smile, but it doesn’t not really save my teaching yet.

Then, she begged me to let her go home. ‘Teacher, I’m the only student (out of 6). Please’

Later I tried to tactfully release her at 8:00 P.M, after her completing a reading-oral reporting task. I think the reason she came was because of her absence on the previous day, when I commanded a heavy workload assignment before dismissing class at 8:45 P.M, the time when one student complained to a floor janitor that ‘This teacher’s weird. Normally we finish at 8:15. We’re totally exhausted. I’ve been working all day.’

Please accept my apology class, I’ll fix it next time!

Right now I’m enjoying my guilt.

Reality checked.


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