Top Five Unfulfilled Wishes in my ELT career

I wrote this entry back then in May, 2014 entitled “Top Five Unfulfilled Wishes in my ELT career” in an online training for online teachers offered by The Consultants-E

Thanks God item 1 has become true. Item 2 will be haft completed in November (English Teaching Professional has agreed to publish a resources article, counting days towards then).
Item 3 and 4 not as important at the moment.
I’ll add a keyword for item 5: Master by Research. I really wish to ear a graduate degree, completing a decent research paper in ELT.

“I’ve heard from somewhere that the more you talk about plans, the more likely it will become true. So here are my top five unfulfilled wishes. Surely, one day I will have them all:

1. Be a presenter at IATEFL: one of the biggest annual ELT events. If I can do it, it sounds like I am starring in a Hollywood blockbuster.

2. Publish an article in either English Teaching Professional or ELT Journal. I adore these two journals. While the first one offers the best practical tips on earth, the latter makes reading research papers a rewarding experience.

3.Be treated and paid equally to a foreign teacher in my home country. I think this is a universal controversy looking from different perspectives: educational, corporate, and even legal.

4. Open my own language school. This can be possible after taking this course. An online language school. Hopefully.

5. Item #5: not necessarily exist, the Previous Four is too much luck for me already.”


What’s your Top Five?


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