Why I will not quit teaching English


Written by Phuong Quoc Tran (Grade 9.5_VAS Ba Thang Hai_School Year 2013-2014) in October 2013, I wish I could have done better at the end of the school year when nothing amazing happened. I will frame and put these nice words on my home wall to remind my duty as a motivator, not a mere educator.

“Than you Mr. Tien Minh Mai, for introducing us to the achievements we can reach, the dreams we can grasp, and also the small things in front of us that we haven’t perceived. You give us great inspiring assignments, pushing us to do what we thought were impossible. You turn a normal speech in class into a TED talk, you spark our self-esteem, transmitting the message to each of us, almost like shouting at us that we can be someone important, someone who will one day stand on that very stage, giving other people a speech that will somehow change their lives. And the amazing thing is, you do that in just one small insignificant classroom…”


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