How to teach with Technology

Great Blogs for Teachers

Great websites for learners:

Adult Learners:


Listening Online:

Graded Courses:

Great Video Sites (perfect timing: 1-3 minutes):

Two most successful activities I have tried in my classroom (even with ill-behaved students):

Watch the video and learn how to do the task.

Watch the video and write/explain a step-by-step list of instructions.\

Organize a How to – Video Making Competition.

SweetSearch is a search engine designed for educational use. It is safer because all the sites it lists have been checked to make sure there is no adult or offensive content.


Advantages and Disadvantages:

1. Develop students’ digital literacy

2. Motivation

3. Reduced Printing

4. Further research and links to relevant materials.

5. Authentic materials


1. Dependency on Internet access

2. Distractons and links to other materials.

3. Content may change.

4. Disappearing links.


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